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Do You Poken?

January 19th, 2009

What happened to sending business cards with your mobile phone? Nothing much, I would say. I seldom see people bluetoothing in business meetings. Probably because it is cumbersome, holding your coffee mug in one hand while thumbing some cell phone keys.

So can’t we just skip the difficult stuff and instead just stick up something in the air? Yes we can, and this is called “Poken”, a new innovation from Switzerland.


Put the Poken in the USB slot of your computer. Search for your digital identities on the web and store them in your Poken. Then hold your Poken in front of another one: like magic, digital identities will be exchanged.

44 years of existence on this planet did not prevent me from now having a red skull dangling from my car key, waiting to do a hi-five with some three-eyed green monster. At least this new gimmick had me consult my cell phone manual to learn how to bluetooth.

Menno van Doorn

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