Past, Present and Future of the Third Media Revolution

About the authors

V I N T // Vision - Inspiration - Navigation - Trends

VINT is the Research Institute of Sogeti. Currently VINT has offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm and Washington.
JAAP BLOEM is a senior analyst at VINT, the Research Institute of Sogeti. Jaap previously worked for publishing companies, the Internet Society and KPMG Consulting. In Me the Media, Jaap introduces ITainment as the revolutionary extension of ITech, analyzes our Programming Century, which took off around 1965, and defines the stages of telephony development.
MENNO VAN DOORN is director of VINT, the Research Institute of Sogeti, in Amsterdam. In 2007 Menno was voted “IT Researcher of the Year” by VNU/Computable. In Me the Media Menno introduces the concept of Media Mass as opposed to Mass Media, to emphasize the impact of modern web Me-Media.
SANDER DUIVESTEIN is a senior analyst at VINT, the Research Institute of Sogeti. Sander was a software architect at Capgemini and an Internet entrepreneur. His expertise on Web 2.0 and the Metaverse has been an important stimulus in the creation of Me the Media.
PETER LEYDEN heads Next Agenda, a new project focusing on transformative agendas into policy-making. Peter previously worked as managing editor at Wired magazine, and was a director of the Global Business Network, a think tank on the future. During Barack Obama’s election campaign Peter was director of the New Politics Institute.
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