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Gadget-Inspektor Reviews Kindle 2 and Sony PRS 600 TE

December 19th, 2009

Below, the link to one of the few serious comparisons available online, measured against for instance this eReader advertisement (enjoy the depreciating comments).

The Amazon Kindle 2 reads slightly better, while Sony’s PRS 600 Touch Edition supports the EPUB standard, as well as PDF and RTF. Only the Kindle 2 allows you to go online. All in all, the on-screen presentation quality of both devices still does not match that of normal paper, and they lack color support.

So, perhaps we should just wait for the dual-screen Asus eee Reader, which must be out any time soon now.

CHECK THIS: the German Gadget-Inspektor Thomas Kuhn reviews the Amazon and Sony devices in his mother tongue. Source: Wirtschaftswoche.

Jaap Bloem

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