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Virtual Concept > Real Profit
With Digital Manufacturing and Simulation

November 21st, 2009

Virtual Concept > Real ProfitOn the eve of Dassault Systèmes’ European Customer Forum 2009, this book was launched in Disneyland Paris to mark the partnership with Sogeti High Tech. Digital manufacturing and simulation offer and will continue to offer even more huge opportunities throughout industries, from automotive and aerospace to pharma and fast moving consumer goods.


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Digital Factories
Today, in factories we can model the production line, change the equipment, and simulate how it reacts to that change. Modern manufacturing simulation supports material flow, machine utilization and robotics simulation. Sophisticated systems offer 3-D and 4-D visualization, menu-driven applications, and integration with other product design and enterprise data systems.

Simulation and digital manufacturing improve design quality and speed throughout the product lifecycle. These benefits occur early in the product development process, during conceptual and design engineering, but also during production, maintenance and service. Also, cost savings, business value and market value increase significantly when more people from various disciplines in company networks use digital manufacturing technologies or their results.

Next Steps
The next step in improving collaboration and time-to-market is in getting experts and customers from outside the enterprise involved in digital engineering and manufacturing. This opening-up or democratization has been proven to boost innovation, improvement, productivity and revenue.

Apart from lowering cost and improving time to market, digital manufacturing and simulation are targeted at intensifying the intimacy, efficiency and effectiveness of co-creation feedback loops, fostering the collaboration of manufacturers, customer communities, independent R&D institutes and individuals. This emerging democratization of design, engineering, production, maintenance, repair, overhaul and recycling marks the impending impact of digital manufacturing and simulation.

Our “ManuFuture”
At the start of the famous report “ManuFuture. A Vision for 2020″ Heinrich Flegel, the chairman of the EU High-Level Working Group involved, writes: “Standing still means moving backwards. This is particularly true for manufacturing and production. The production sector must continually confront new challenges in order to survive in competition. An active and foresighted technology development and a quick response to social and economic change are indispensable for this. Special R&D efforts are required for production to react quickly or, better still, to anticipate what is necessary.”

Main Objectives
The three main objectives for manufacturing industries in the years leading up to 2020 are competitiveness to thrive in the turbulent economic environment, leadership to lead manufacturing with global standards and environmentally friendly products, and production to reduce the environmental losses, to change the consumption of limited resources and to maximize the benefits of each product in its lifecycle.

Five Chapters
In five chapters this book discusses the various topics and issues that are central to the implementation and development of digital manufacturing and simulation. The first “Welcome” chapter presents key concepts, needs and issues. These are further explored in four other chapters: “A Crash Course,” “Challenges,” “Benefits” and “The Future.” Each chapter starts off with an introductory snapshot and concludes with a Bookmark section that relates the chapter to the other parts and the message of the book.

In these economically, competitively and environmentally challenging times it is imperative for manufacturers large and small to innovate further towards a seamlessly integrated fabric of information technology, digital manufacturing, simulation, robotics and physical production. The title of this book, Virtual Concept > Real Profit with Digital Manufacturing and Simulation, expresses this need.

Jaap Bloem

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With Digital Manufacturing and Simulation”

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