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MUSYQ, the Mutualistic Symbiosis Quotient for PPP 2.0

December 21st, 2009

Some fifteen years ago, biological metaphors like “swarm intelligence” were the common indicators of a techno-optimistic era. The most prominent and explicit of phrases at that time undoubtedly was the subtitle of Kevin Kelly’s book “Out of Control” (1994). It visionarily read: “The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World.”

Today, thanks to the Internet and an abundance of digital data we are arriving at this new technology-based trinity of Sociology, Ecology and Economy, which we might call People, Planet, Profit 2.0. Its essence is the biological notion of Mutualistic Symbiosis, and therefore we are in need of a new metric. I would suggest to call this the Mutualistic Symbiosis Quotient. Reaching consensus on such a score would sound like MUSYQ to my ears ;-)

= = =

Kicking off the foundation for a MUSYQ 360 view would necessarily involve: Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Selection, Social Intelligence, Social Quotient, Mutualism, Symbiosis, Industrial Ecology, Industrial Symbiosis, Social Media,, Sustainability, Ethics, Transparency, Return On Investment/Involvement), PPP 2.0 Domains, Intra & Interorganizational Sweet Spots,  . . .

Jaap Bloem
Rise of the Conversation Society, the Collab Economy,
and the Virtualization of the World

“Swarm robots” in the Symbrion project (Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms)

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