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The Obama Photosynth Moment

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Thought that Twitter was the coolest thing to do on Inauguation Day, but I was wrong. It was photosynthing. The Dutch Microsoft Online Team called is “Crowdsourcing with Obama”: Upload your picture of the Obama Moment to CNN and after Microsoft has finished moulding together the multitude of images, the result was made public on CNN “The Moment”.

Just a week ago we made our statement on The Obama Moment in this post and now CNN has created this  platform. I thought you had to be in Washington D.C. to participate, but that’s not the case. A picture of you and your TV-moment is enough to qualify for the Photosynth project. Must say it’s more fun to see people in their own habitat then the crowd in Washington.

You can still be part of the Obama Photosynth Moment. Upload your pictures, geotag them yourself and help the Microsoft crew. And by the way, the bald guy on the right ain’t me.

Want to Synth your own moment, like your wedding, your visit of the Taj Mahal, or you feeding your dog? Go to this site and upload your own “Moment”.

Menno van Doorn