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Doctor cures wound via Twitter

June 28th, 2009

Last weekend a friend of mine showed me his wound. He got the wound during a hiking event. He didn’t notice how it happend. The wound was swollen and quite irritating. And it hurted. But he didn’t complain, he was quite brave.

With my iPhone I took a picture and posted a tweet in my part of the Twitterverse. “Does anybody know what kind of wound this is?” Immediately I received some responses varying from insectbite to gunshot wound. It was fun at the moment. I didn’t pay any attention to my twee anymore.

However, a few days later I was quite surprised, I received a message from Bart Brandenburg, a doctor for Medicinfo. He had read my tweet with the picture attached to it. He was intrigued and made a print of the photo. By examining it carefully he found out that it was an insect bite and he answered me by posting a link to his website with all kinds of tips how to cure the wound. I was wondering, is this the first case of a doctor curing a wound via Twitter?

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One Response to “Doctor cures wound via Twitter”

  1. Jaap Bloem

    Well Sander, in April 2009 The Economist weblog ran this here story on the healing power of p2p social networking. Who needs a MD anymore these days ;-)

    “CAN Twittering about a deadly disease help cure it? At first blush, the notion seems ridiculous. And yet, insist advocates of Health 2.0, the next big wave in medicine is peer to peer networking among patients. The more radical types even argue that the personalised therapies of the future will come not from the ivory towers of Big Pharma but from the anarchic but catalytic sparks of patient-driven research.”

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