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Singularity Nearer Than Ever

June 28th, 2009

Author: Jaap Bloem

From 13 nations 40 students for the inaugural Singularity University summer 2009 program were chosen out of over 1,200 candidates.

They were selected based on their domain expertise, their entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and their commitment to addressing and solving important issues facing our world.

Tomorrow, June 29th, the first SU class will start.

Specific experience and expertise in one of the ten key fields of study, or “tracks,” was required to secure a spot in the inter-disciplinary institution. The number of student experts in each of the ten tracks are:

- Future Studies and Forecasting - 5
- Policy, Law and Ethics - 7
- Finance and Entrepreneurship - 5
- Networks and Computing Systems - 6
- Biotechnology and Bioinformatics - 3
- Nanotechnology - 2
- Medicine, Neuroscience and Human Enhancement - 4
- AI, Robotics - 3
- Energy and Ecological Systems - 2
- Space and Physical Sciences - 3

Ultimately, economist Robin Hanson predicts, the technological NBIC singularity will increase economic growth between 60 and 250 times.

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  1. found-your-story

    Click here for a nice TEDtalk movie featuring Life Sciences pioneer Juan Enriquez. Topic: Reboot - beyond the economic crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis.

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